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1954 CJ-3B Tehachapi, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: *SOLD** Was on eBay

Is this a one off or an aftermarket extension of some kind.

“The Good:
This vehicle is quite complete. No major components are missing. Frame has minimal surface rust. Floorboards are solid, Only a few rust through areas on body. It has an unusual extension at the rear of the body, could be rare.

The Bad:
Will need complete restoration. Fenders bent, no windshield or mirrors, engine is seized. Left front brake binds at times (hard to push vehicle). /font>

I purchased this thinking I would fix it up. However, I’ve got too many projects, and not enough time or money to pursue them all. This vehicle sat out in the elements for quite a while. It looks like some kids put sticks and rocks in the radiator, battery and probably the engine. I have no paperwork for it, the guy I bought it from didn’t either. It’s been out of California’s system so long that it should be easy to get a duplicate title. I’d be happy to fill out a bill of sale if needed.”


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