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Fantastic Cavern’s Display Jeep

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Hugh unearthed a couple pics of an old cave jeep on display at Fantastic Caverns.


6 Comments on “Fantastic Cavern’s Display Jeep

  1. frankthecrank58

    interesting jeep.( M-38 dash components gauge cluster and glove box), looks like hanging pedals, no drain holes, Wagoneer hub caps( i think). lot of work to make a nice jeep to keep underground.

  2. Bill

    Curious as to the model – as mentioned and M38 dash, but no other M38 attributes, what looks to be a CJ2B frame, maybe (light shows through holes in the horns), no tool indents and also no drains. hanging pedals, maybe from a much later Kaiser or AMC or they may have been custom with the foot pads welded higher, but still the shafts aren’t visible at the angle shown. A CJ2B windshield, minus wipers. The added touch of later vintage wagoneer hubcaps meaning likely 15″ tires. I wonder if these jeeps were LP gas.

  3. David Eilers

    Hi Bill,
    The windshield is a CJ3a. The body is a Preproduction. That is why it looks similar to a M38 body.


  4. Dj Bill

    Saw this one in person today. Very nicely painted up and dolled up jeep, wish I could have seen under the hood.Definitely not restored with accuracy and stockness in mind, more like restored to be as pretty as possible. (Not that there is anything wrong with that if that is your aim).. More chrome than a Surrey. I have some current pics if you want them, Dave. Not a lot different than what you have. I was told by staff that it was a 47 with parts from various years, and it was the original jeep to enter the cave way back when. It had spent some time at a museum somewhere after a restoration and they recently brought it back to the visitor center. Today, 11/9/12, it is displayed behind some split rail fence and has a Christmas tree in the back. I’m sure it is enjoying its golden years.

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