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1950 Wagon Tempe, AZ eBay

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This is one nice wagon.

“a friend that started Fujimo in the mid 80’s passed away and i purchased it and finished it. it has had 4 engines a 283,350 ,400 and now a 383 stroker. it has a rack and pinion mustang 2 with disc brakes for a front end. 383 stroker motor connected to a 350 turbo with a 3200 stall converter. top has been chopped approx 4 inches and top of roof stands at apptox 67 inches. car was shown with great sucess in the early 90’s. fujimo was driven and not a trailer queen. he was retired in 1996 and placed in air conditioned storage.. he was taken out approx 5 months ago and sent to an old nascar mechanic in georgia. valves that had become noisy in storage were adjusted, transmission whose seals had dried out was completele rebuilt and cooling system was redoone including new larger radiator, new waterpump and electric cooling fan and larger fan blade was installed. clear coat had a couple of bubbles in it so fujimo was taken down to bear metal and new graphics and coat of yellow paint was applied, new carpet was also installed . old diamond pattern upholstory has a few minor stains but it was decided to leave it alone. considered installing an aftermarket SUV rack for the surfboard but decided against it. It would probably cost over one hundred thou to reproduce this vehicle. have invested over 15,000 since coming out of storage. I am 78 years old so it’s time for my old friend to go to a new home.”

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2 Comments on “1950 Wagon Tempe, AZ eBay

  1. Jon Adams

    I really would like to know where Fujimo has ended up; my father Gary Adams painted Fujimo in the early 80’s, it was an international class champion in 1984 and won best in paint with my dad’s design. If you have any info please email me.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Jon,

    I wish I had more information for you, but the information above are the only clues I have. Perhaps it never sold at auction and is still around Tempe?

    If I see it appear again, I’ll drop you a note.

    – Dave

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