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US Dept of Agriculture Forest Service CJ-3B Photo

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I ran across this neat old photo of a USDA Forest Service CJ-3B at their site.  I couldn’t pull up the actual page.  You can view the original picture here:


4 Comments on “US Dept of Agriculture Forest Service CJ-3B Photo

  1. terry

    Cool! I thought my 57 was a Forest Service Vehicle because it has large vehicle # on the dash that was painted over but I could never find proof they ever used them. Great Find

  2. deilers

    I thought for sure the CJ-3B page would have something on forest service cj3bs, but I just searched and couldn’t find a page on them. I also found a CJ-2A and a CJ-5 forest service jeep, but the pics were very tiny.

  3. Steve E.

    I like to see USFS vehicles. They are even more rare than military vehicles. One of my Wagons and one of my FC trucks are former USFS rigs. I’d like to learn more about USFS vehicles. Maybe the CJ-3B guys will find more info to add to their website in the future.

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    I’ll the 2A and CJ-5 photos I saw. I tried to get to the root page on which they were posted, but it wouldn’t appear (which is why I didn’t post them yet).

    – Dave

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