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1947 Willys Prototype Car Photo on eBay

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According to Glenn, “My buddy in Sylvania, Ohio says this car didn’t survive long as it was hit at a railroad crossing. This is the only one they did, announced in a few press outlets, and the project promptly (quietly) abandoned.”

This photo is printed on 16″x20″ paper.

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3 Comments on “1947 Willys Prototype Car Photo on eBay

  1. Craig B.

    If I remember right wasn’t that model named the “666?” Doomed from the onset. Fortunately Brooks Stevens happened along and the Willys line took a more favorable direction!

  2. Glennstin

    Seems like I’ve read somewhere that the design came from what was left of Graham Paige. I have seen an Austrailian press release also. Project was pretty hush hush here. My inside The Overland sources seem to know very little. We may learn a tid bit or two here. Walter Miller has made a career of finding goodies like this. If in the Syracuse area, be sure to visit his museum.

  3. frankthecrank58

    in a book i own (JEEP The Unstoppable Legend) there’s a small article on this vehicle. same picture as well. this was actually a design of Brooks Stevens and Barney Roos. it was supposed to get a six cylinder and independent suspension all around. lots of innovations in this car to provide comfort and headroom. the vehicle was never produced for a variety of reasons, from steel shortage, to being way too busy building cj’s, wagons and trucks, and so on .whatever the reason the car would soon be forgotten and soon after the Aero-Willys was released. and by the way, there was no mention of this being hit by a train. from what i could read it was a Willys 6/66 if anyone else has this book the info is on pg 63 and on pg 66

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