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Willys Overland Aircraft Division Badge on eBay

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Glenn spotted this rare badge.  I hadn’t known about the Aircraft Division.

“Up for auction is a Vintage WWII Security ID Badge from Willys Overland Aircraft Division the badge is in great shape please the Badge size is 1-3/4 inches by 2-1/4 inches see the pictures.”

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7 Comments on “Willys Overland Aircraft Division Badge on eBay

  1. Leo

    Hey Dave,
    This set me on a search of the WWW: apparently WO built parts for undercarriages for other manufacturers in the Toledo plant among other things. But more surprising was the fact that they seem to have built a US version of the feared Nazi V1Robomb, i’ve found a few traces on different sites, , a picture of women assembling one supposedly in the toledo factory here: and a picture that won’t load, ,foto# 77.09.3979.a-b ,
    from one in the windtunnel at Dayton Field….
    And the Navy still has one exhibited here! : ,they were apparently called “Loons” by the US Navy.
    And here’s more info on them:
    And it gets better still: two wartime newsreel and a lot more info about them here :
    It seems WO built the airframes and Ford built hte engines

  2. Leo

    It seems there are still some left in museums around the country,they are more comon than the AgriJeep, they must easily qualify as the fastest Jeeps ever built….

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Thanks for those links guys! That saves me a time.

    Leo … I like the “fastest jeeps ever built” comment 🙂

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