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August 1941 The Ford Dealer News Issue on eBay

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The August 1941 issue of The Ford Dealer News includes this image of a Ford Pygmy. There are a variety of articles and other photos also.

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11 Comments on “August 1941 The Ford Dealer News Issue on eBay

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Check out the article on Marmon-Herrington all wheel drive trucks, it mentions on the second page that they were also used in World War I. I believe this is primarily the reason the army made 4 wheel drive a requirement in the initial jeep contract.

  2. deilers

    There’s the combination of that and the fact that the two wheel drive scout cars proved to be unable to do much off road.

    The piece of history I still haven’t seen is how the transfercase emerged from the Spicer corp. It just seems to have appeared from nowhere . . .

  3. frankthecrank58

    another book i own ( indestructible Jeep, by D Denfield/ M Fry.{Ballantines Illustrated History of the Violent Century} weapons book # 36) gives a brief account of how Spicer got involved. apparently in 1938 American Bantam loaned three of their roadsters to the Pennsylvania National Guard. these were tested during the Guards summer manouvers and received high praise by officers and men. in may 1940 the military sales guy, Charles Payne , met with officers of the Infantry and Cavalry to propose building a reconnaissance car based on the Bantam. both offices agreed and work was started on formulating a design . they did a bunch of testing at the Bantam grounds in Butler. the cars held up well. There were a few military brass that were involved; one of them, Major Howie, the inventor of the Belly Flopper. Apparently he was instructed by the Chief of Infantry to proceed to Butler, with his plans, to help develop a vehicle with a driving front axle, a 2 spd transfer unit etc. Howie stayed with Bantam for about a week working with them and also Spicer corporation to develop the 4×4. that is my book report for the day. so in essence Dave, your observation of it coming out of nowhere is kind of right on the money. i’ve had this book for nearly 35 years and it’s beat up but if you want i could work on getting you a repro of it. i don’t think it’s available any where any more if you do get a copy the info is on pg 20 and 21 cheers, frank

  4. mmdeilers Post author


    I recently bought that book, but haven’t had a chance to go through it yet. I will check out page 20 and 21 tonight.

    – Dave

  5. Paul

    I bought my copy new many years ago at a local book store here in Anchorage. I still have it but it’s falling apart… then again so am I.

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