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1968 M-715 Yale, OK **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was eBay

This sports custom Yale Fire Department seats.  It’s just a nice little extra on a M-715 Fire truck that needs restoration.

“1 & 1/4 ton Jeep Kaiser with a Mercury 350 engine (yes it is a converted boat motor with headers). It was in running condition when parked two years ago. 1968 model. Originally purchased new by an Oklahoma Fire department and has been in their possession ever since then. Was still used periodically until two years ago when parked (indoors). Will likely need a battery, new fuel, some brake work…..not really sure what else. Tires have a lot of tread and are holding air just fine. I heard the engine turn over with a jump just the other day but it wouldn’t stay running. Needs maintenance before running well on it’s own again. It was said that this could compete with the best rock crawlers around. I haven’t personally seen it in action or driven it myself, just re-selling it to pay some bills. I’m sorry in advance, I don’t have any historical mechanical maintenance information for it and won’t be able to answer any technical questions. You’re basically buying what you see in the photos. You likely know more about these than I do….”


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