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Yogi Bear Game with a Jeep

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Bob spotted this Yogi Bear game sporting a jeep today. The jeep  looks CJ-3Bish to me.  Looking on eBay, I found four different games for sale.

1. View a Yogi Bear Game on eBay
2. View another Yogi Bear Game on eBay
3. View still another one on eBay
4. View one more on eBay



2 Comments on “Yogi Bear Game with a Jeep

  1. Steve E.

    I had forgotten that Yogi Bear and Mr. Ranger drove a Jeep. I may have found the cause of my affliction. I’m sure I’ve seen every Yogi cartoon….several times in my childhood. I can fire my shrink now and put the money I save into my project. Mystery solved, now I’m no longer the project.

    **Steve E.**

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