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Collection of Tonka Jeeps **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Six of these look in good condition, but the light green one appears to have paint scrapes. I like the picture though.

– All in Beautiful Condition with all Steering Wheels and Headlights.
– Great Collection of Seven Colors !
– Save the Effort and Time of Searching for a Great Vintage Collection at a honest price.
– Will Carefully Package and Ship For FREE”


3 Comments on “Collection of Tonka Jeeps **SOLD**

  1. Stewart Herbine

    I have a pink jeep with strips on roof and the box it came in How much is it worth?

  2. David Eilers

    Hi Stewart,

    I haven’t watched the Surrey Tonka market much, so here are a couple observations:

    This is an example of a DJ-3A Surrey Tonka that’s listed at $130 on eBay, but has no bids. It sounds like it is equivalent to what you have: .. the top is faded, so not in pristine shape, but it does include the box.

    Here’s a cheaper Surrey that looks in better condition, but lacks the spare tire. It’s got one bid at $99.99. It also includes the box.

    So, I’d guess yours would go for at least $100 on ebay. Depending on the condition of the toy and the box, it could get more.

    There are other surreys without their boxes listed on eBay for much more, but I don’t know how quickly they are selling at the higher prices. So, it’s hard to say what the top end price would be.

    I hope that helps,

    – Dave

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