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Craig’s Pic of the Week

Craig from the FCConnection has offered to send a few non-FC pics our way from old editions of Jeep News and Willys News. After a minute of great deliberation and exhaustive thinking, I decided to call his weekly feature ‘Craig’s Pic of the Week’. Brilliant, yeah? Today’s pic comes from a 1964 issue of Jeep News.

In March of 2012, Mike was trying to track down the one pictured here.  It sure looks like it could have been one of the trucks shown above.


3 Comments on “Craig’s Pic of the Week

  1. Mike Finegan

    Wow, this is a great picture; so now we know that there was a order placed for a total of 40. At that time, I lived in NJ ; in my lifetime, I have seen only 3 Willys Good Humor Trucks in person. for the longest time one of these Willys Good humor Trucks sat in front of the Dairy Queen on Main St. Passaic, NJ as a “prop car” and attention getter well into the 1990’s. It had the 4 cylinder engine and a familiar rust pattern as seen in the link to the pictures. This most recent picture reveals an interesting clue; the refrigerated bodies were made by Hackney Bros. Body which is still in business. They might have more information. This would be a great group project; finding out more information on these unique Willys vehicles with the eventual goal of restoring one. It’s kind of like a Bob Seger song; “Working on a Mystery Without Any Clues”.

  2. Steve E.

    I guess that’s one way to get rid of the leftover Willys bodies in 1965. Are these 104.5″ WB or 118″ WB?

    I need one….. I saw a ’59 Chevy at a swap meet two years ago, and liked it. A Jeep 4×4 Good Humor Truck could even deliver ice cream in a snowstorm.

    **Steve E.**

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