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Just a Few Updates Tonight

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Just a few updates tonight.  We’ve been busy with VA appointments the past three days.  The first one (likely torn meniscus) in Ann’s bad knee (which has been bad ever since her ‘boom’) gave out while changing cashier lines at Target (who would have thought Target was so dangerous)!.  The other two were scheduled dental stuff, with the 2nd being mouth surgery today.  It’s not been a fun three days for her! So, think happy thoughts and, hopefully, the VA will finally decide to get her the new knee she’s been waiting for ever since the bombing sent glass tearing through her right knee.

Here she is on Sunday night at the emergency room as she and I listened while two nurses debated whether patients are supposed to be held for 15 minutes after a they receive a shot (to make sure there are no reactions to it) or a couple hours. Apparently, they only have to wait 15 minutes, but the one nurse had been holding people for a couple hours.


6 Comments on “Just a Few Updates Tonight

  1. Rob

    I take my 91 year old dad every 3months and I am amazed at the great things they do . Just walk around that place and see how much better you are than the next person. Hope you get better,Rob

  2. Steve E.

    Ann, I hope they get on that knee surgery really soon. I want you fully recovered by the next FC meet.

    Rob, I’m with you. My friend Joe has MD. He’s in his 50’s and it is really starting to give him pain. He taught me what his mother taught him. “No matter how bad off you think you have it, there’s always someone else who is worse off.”

    Dave, that one Nurse who keeps people for 2 hours after a shot must have stock in the hospital.
    (And I thought the reactions occurred BEFORE the shot.)

    **Steve E.**

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