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Kam the Motoring Elephant

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Kam the elephant starred for the Bertram Mills Circus during the 1950s and into the 1960s.  Initially, Kam drove a modified MB/GPW.  It looks like it had an updated motor.  Unfortunately, the only images I have found of Kam on the jeep are from the above poster and from page 240 of “The Jeep” book (a black and white photo which I don’t show). In the photo, as in the poster, there is a hump in the hood, which I assume is the result of the engine swap.  The jeep has the usual WWII attributes: tool indents, rear floating hubs and other details. Unlike the poster, the photo shows the fenders were left stock and flat, rather than rounded as shown in the poster.

Eventually, according to the site Silodrome, the circus bought a 1959 Series 1 Land Rover and modified it with a “central steering wheel and a huge, padded seat over the rear axle”.  The picture below is also from Silodrome. Here is a very short video of him driving it.  Kam’s customized Land Rover has been found and is being rebuilt.



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