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Sears David Bradley Trailer Crystal Lake, IL $680

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Mark is selling his Sears David Bradley Trailer. He
hopes to get pictures soon. href=""
target="_blank">This picture shows a similar trailer.
Apparently, these were available for both the military and
civilians (through Sears, Roebuck & CO). Mark’s trailer
comes with vintage 16″ bias tires. “Selling my Sears David Bradley
vintage single axle trailer. It’s all sanded, primered and painted
Rust Oleum olive, now. Putting on new tail lights this weekend.
This is a Wisconsin trailer and they have no titles. Asking $680.
In Crystal Lake, IL, a north west suburb of Chicago.”


6 Comments on “Sears David Bradley Trailer Crystal Lake, IL $680

  1. joe thomas

    Dear Mark,
    I will be visiting my sister in woodstock from christmas till the 2nd.
    I would love to take a look at the trailer if you still have it by then.
    If you could send me your phone number I’ll try and come look when I’m there.
    Honestly getting it to California would be a hassle but you never know what might work out.
    good luck
    joe Thomas Monrovia CA

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