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1943 T84/TC From MB MZ-1 Eureka, MO **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: Transfer Cases, Transmissions

**Status unknown** Was $800.

“Original T84 Transmission, Bell housing and transfer case. Very good take out condition from this 1943 Willys MZ-1, MB radio jeep. Still USMC Forest Green! Tim.”



5 Comments on “1943 T84/TC From MB MZ-1 Eureka, MO **Status Unknown**

  1. mmdeilers Post author


    Since the ad expired (rather than was deleted) I suspect this is still available. However, I have no additional contact info. I just searched and it hasn’t been relished, but I suspect will be in the future. If it appears again, I’ll drop you a note.

    – Dave

  2. auto quotes for Fremont, CA

    …what HAS made it less credible, however, as you said, is the lack of broad-scale publishing.And let’s not forget this is a foreigner with ‘freedom of speech rights’ – so we can’t bring this dow to political censorship can we?But ultimately i think Singaporeans will read it smile and think, aiyoh…he ain’t seen nothing yet..!

  3. günstige kredite

    Merci pour la citation ; je crois en effet que cette initiative des grandes universités américaines est le signe que « les lignes bougent » très rapidement… Aux acteurs de la formation, à nous tous d’en prendre conscience !

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