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1942 MB Slatgrille Kissimmee, FL **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6000

Not perfect, but might be good for the price.

“Very rare oppertunity to buy a very very early running wartime willys jeep
one of only a few hundred reputed to have survived worldwide
$6,000 absolute firm
Clear title in hand
Genuine collectors will know exactly what this is !!!!
No trades,scams or any other dreamers/ tire kickers/picture collectors etc
jeep currently in storage in houston texas
Cash only”

1942-01-mb-slatgrille-kissimee-fl2 1942-01-mb-slatgrille-kissimee-fl1


11 Comments on “1942 MB Slatgrille Kissimmee, FL **SOLD**

  1. Bill

    “currently in storage in Houston, TX”….. doesn’t that indicate this is a scam?

    I’m on my way to FL and would have stopped in Kissimmee to check this one out ….. o well.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Great, thanks for the info Dexter. The fact the person took the time to post it at g503 is interesting …

  3. Geoff Bull

    This is a genuine sale was purchased by me from CA an stored in Houston
    As I am in Florida I do not have recent pics of it. hence the use of the original sale ones.
    Any genuine buyer is welcome to view it first I am not asking for any money from anyone.
    If someone wishes to buy it I will meet them where it is stored and bring the title with me.
    or they can phone me and talk about it 407-255-3398
    Geoff (Jeff) Bull

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Goeff. Thanks for the update and pardon our skepticism. I’ll update the post with that info.

    – Dave

  5. Geoff Bull

    Thank you Dave,
    I can understand people wondering, but no one has even replied to find out the truth they have just labeled it as a scam regardless.
    I have been an active member of G503 quite a while ago but then moved to florida in doing so I lost my password for the G
    I tried login with my original ID, it worked but obviously I had forgotton my password.
    When I clicked on lost password it didn`t find my ID
    Work that one out ?????
    Regards Geoff Bull

  6. mmdeilers Post author

    Geoff … yes, I know all too much about technology not working like it should! I’m sure someone will get that fixed for you over there.

  7. Bill

    well that makes me feel better 😉 it’s good to have you here to represent the Jeep, Geoff! please understand that your ‘requests’ along with the location of the ad/jeep came off as a bit ‘scam-ish’ sounding per my past experiences. I think we are all clear now 🙂

    I still wish it were in FL, unfortunately Houston is too far out of my way between PA and WPB, FL.

    Good luck with your sale,

  8. Zack

    Zack: Opens wallet moths fly out…. 🙂

    Really nice Jeep! Someone is going to be real happy.
    All my money is going toward my 1942 GPW. Yes, apparently my DoD is 12/31/1942 not 43.

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