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Original Canvas Curtain Fastener Kit **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This is pretty cool.

“Original US WWII Curtain Fastener Set, in its original OD steel box, with GI tools, and thousands of its 1940s solid brass, oxidized bronze-finished mil-spec fasteners still within. Multi-compartmented box measures 3″ x 16 1/4″ x 25”, with hinged lid fastened by two spring catches. Two steel wire carrying handles–one on each size–complete the container. The lid is silscreened in orange with photographs of each fastener included in the set, each captioned with its federal serial number. Also depicted are the included tools, only some of which remain. The nomenclature stamp for the entire rig reads: “Curtain Fastener Kit / No. 4835 / FSN-42-K-6000 / Manufactured by United Carr Fastener Corp., Cambridge, Mass., USA.” (Carr manufactured the vast majority of the incredible array of fasteners used on all US GI gear.) Box lid is also stenciled with: “42-K-6000” in one-inch black figures and letter. Amongst the contents which remain in this amazing box are: Lift-the-Dot, Large; Lift-the-Dot, Small; a variety of different male halves for both types of LtD; Baby Durable; Large Durable; grommet (in several sizes; and an array of hardware types I cannot identify. All fasteners are NOS, original to the box. I can only assume the “curtain” in the ensemble’s title refers to that portion of the MB/GPW’s fabric top–but there are certainly many fasteners included in this set which were intended for use on seats, straps, etc. There’s thirty pounds of hardware here, and our opening bid wouldn’t cover today’s cost of purchasing the equivalent number of cheap, modern, imported fasteners. This set was surplused out of the US Army’s Pueblo Ordnance Depot in Colorado in the 1970s–which might explain its scarcity (if these were only issued at the depot level, there just weren’t that many). In over forty years of collecting, I’ve never seen another like this extraordinary assemblage, and have only even heard of one other.”



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