One comment on “Backhoe for Sale Brook Park, MN

  1. glennstin

    Thanks Dave for showing these new pix of this very rare Scheneker Willys Back Hoe Unit. Other pix are available at: but you must be a member of the group. I have talked to this owner at 320-282-8992 and the price is still $5000. This is only one of four known units at this time,SN# 672 at this time. These were the first Willys venture into light duty Back Hoe units about 1955. Later units used FC 170 chassis. Hydraulic Engineering progressed leaps and bounds in the 50′s. This is a great buy and a piece of Willys History. My buddy, Mike Labbe, here in Maine is restoring one of these, but the life digging glacial rocks has wracked severe damage to the Willys chassis. He has brought a CA Willys Pickup to replace the cracked, welded, rewelded, and over worked chassis. I hope someone will grasp this opportunity and preserve this great unit. We almost went after it, just to have a good example to compare.

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