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Photograph of a Pepsi Surrey

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Dave shared this image of a Pepsi Surrey.  This is a little clearer than a similar picture shown on the CJ-3B page.



2 Comments on “Photograph of a Pepsi Surrey

  1. DJ Bill

    It is interesting to see all the black parts on the Pepsi model, instead of using one of the body colors on parts like the steering wheel and windshield. Those hubcaps are pretty special, as is the bottlecap on the hood. Is there a date associated with this jeep or a serial number by any stroke of luck?

    Willys truly was a custom car producer at the time. And I think the DJ models were the most customized of all with the different industry specific versions made. (Airport vehicles for one..) The CJ’s weren’t too far behind with the Zamboni, backhoes and trenchers,and other airport trucks.

  2. DJ Bill

    I forgot to add a THANK YOU to Dave, Colin, Glenn and Bruce for all the DJ information they have turned up for all of us admirers of the little 2WD models. Without Ewillys the DJ would be missing a lot of data points for the database the DJ guys are putting together. And my field would have three fewer jeep projects in it.
    Thank you Dave!!

    And if readers want to know more about the DJ, visit the links section to a link to the DJ3A board on Derek Redmonds 3B site. We have a small but dedicated group there attempting to hammer out what DJ specific features were and just how a DJ would have come from the factory. Several of us are actually Surrey owners too. Most are really nice Surreys and some are a little needy but all are cool!
    Dave also was instrumental in the transformation of the 3A page to a member owned page last year, and he is our main web guru. For that he also deserves a round of applause.

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