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A Photo of Bill Mauldin in a Jeep

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Buz found this picture on a biography blog post about Gregory Duncan.  Here, Greg is pictured with Bill Mauldin, a photo neither Buz nor I had seen.  You’ll notice “Up Front” stenciled on the front bumper, which is also the name of a book published that contains a wide variety of his drawings.



2 Comments on “A Photo of Bill Mauldin in a Jeep

  1. Steve E.

    Great historical photo, of two great journalist who served with American heroes. For those who don’t know the significance of these two enlisted men, only Mauldin survived the war, though wounded himself by a mortar. Unfortunately, Duncan was killed in Anzio, pushing toward Rome.

    The men in the foxholes often credited Mauldin with helping them to get through the rigors of the war. After a month of drawing for the “Stars and Stripes” newspaper, he was given his own jeep, in which he roamed the front, collecting material and producing six cartoons a week. This must be that very Jeep, with Duncan soon before lost his life.

    This photo is a reminder of a terrible, but necessary war. And these two young man helped give the soldiers an outlet for their frustrations.

    **Steve E.**

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