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Parmley Engineering’s Jeep Replacement Body

As many of you know, I am very curious about the fiberglass aftermarket bodies made for the jeep.  While I’ve seen most models for sale over the years, I have yet to run across Parmley Engineering’s fiberglass body, one of the more unique ones ever created.

After wrecking his CJ-5 in the early 1970s, Californian Tom Parmley, a machinist by trade, decided to build himself a better body for his still-good chassis.  He wanted the body to legally accommodate  wider tires, a dash box with more room, a hood that was lower, and other features.  So, he built and tested his dream body with great success.  Along the way, he received so much positive feedback that he created a kit so others could easily install a Parmley body on their CJ-5 Chassis.

So far, I have only located two resources that document this body.  One is the February 1974 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine, which featured a multi-page article about the new body.  Additionally, at least two issues of Four Wheeler Magazine also have ads for the Parmley body kit.  The other resource is a June 1975 Popular Mechanics article.  The Pop-Mech article also shows off the fiberglass top he invented (at least I assume it is fiberglass).

Here are a couple publicity photos taken by Tom Parley and published in the Feb 1974 issue of Four Wheeler:

1974-02-four-wheeler-parmely1-lores 1974-02-four-wheeler-parmely2-lores 1974-02-four-wheeler-parmely3-lores

This image shows the Parmley with a top and is from Popular Mechanics.  Note the top example sports Desert Dogs …



8 Comments on “Parmley Engineering’s Jeep Replacement Body

  1. mike kern

    I have met the man himself (Tom Parmley) and seen his personal Parmley bodied jeep. Unfortunately he passed four years ago.

  2. Deilers


    I would be very interested to learn more about Tom and the Parmley. Any idea how many bodies were sold? What happened to his personal Parmley?

    You can email at



  3. Jack

    I have an untouched original Parmley body, had plans to buy a cj 5 but medical issues got in the way. Interested in all offers, remember, UNTOUCHED never assembled
    Jack 619-454-4220

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