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Parmley Bodied Jeep in the Wild

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Bob wasn’t sure what this vehicle was when he photographed it in 2008, but now we know.  Here’s a Parmley bodied jeep in the wild.



10 Comments on “Parmley Bodied Jeep in the Wild

  1. Stephen Kinch

    I’m actually a family friend of the Parmleys. I knew Tom. A good man. There are actually two more running Parmley’s in the wild in Fort Worth, TX. I own one of them, while Jennifer Bennett (formerly Parmley) has the other. We’d love to hear more about other parmley’s in the wild!

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for the comment. In this post Tom’s nephew suggested I contact his daughter, but I’d forgotten to do that. I’d be interested in knowing and sharing more information about these. It’s one of those interesting, unique jeep stories, but little is known about why he decided to build the body, how long it took, etc. I’d also be interested to know what you think of the ride. Do you prefer it to a standard jeep body for example? Or is just different and fun? Thanks for any information you can share! Feel free to email me at


    – Dave

  3. Les Hart

    Hello Parmley fanes, Tom was my best friend in grade schoothrough high school. We shared many a good time building crazy ( water pumper) dune buggys in his fathers machine shop. Tom was a great guy I still miss him. It is to bad that his dream vehicle did not work out. Thanks for the memories. Les Hart

  4. Stephen

    John, we’d love to see any picture you have of that parmley. And if you know anymore about the history of previous owner and where they got it from. Love to piece together more information about the history of that jeep. Geat to hear that there is another one in the wild!

    I’ll let Tom’s daughter (Jennifer) know. Not sure she’s on this thread.

  5. John

    It has the 225 Buick Dauntless engine with holley 4 barrel.

    It belonged to an older couple whom has passed on.

    There was no title but there was a tag in the glove box for a 1973.

    I was going to put it on Ebay. I am not really interested in restoring it.

    If you no some one that would be interested in it…Pass it along. Call me at 330-284-3600 John in Canton Ohio.

    Engine does run. Not sure how to post pics on here so I sent them to your email.

  6. Jennifer (Parmley) Bennett

    (Please forgive my delay in replying to this article, but) it is so exciting to see people still interested in my dad’s dream! As Stephen mentioned, I have one of the last Parmleys Dad assembled. It had been in my grandfather’s garage for decades and Dad got it out of his way around 1987. Some girls shop for cars with their dad when they are 16, but I helped my dad rebuild one! Thanks to my husband, that Jeep in the best shape it’s been in for a long time. You can catch cruising around Fort Worth, Texas in it when the weather is fine. I have a lot of the original paperwork on the Parmleys, but at the moment it is in storage as we move to a new house. When I locate it, I’ll be happy to share. Les, I remember hearing my parents tell lots of stories about you! — Jennifer Bennett

  7. David Eilers

    Thanks John: I will take a closer look at the pics in a few hours when I finish what I’m doing. I did receive the pics and info.

    Jennifer: Thanks for the information! I would love to learn more about this history and document it better. Let me know when you’ve settled. Good luck with your move!

    – Dave

  8. Mark S.

    It always amazes me how this website is able to bring people with similar interests together. This post is great. Without the internet, so much of this information would be lost. Dave, thanks again for this website.

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