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USS Alabama Memorial Park Mobile, AL

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UPDATE:  Bob notes the jeep is the museum next to the ship and not inside the ship.

Bob took time during his visit to Alabama to visit the USS Alabama Memorial Park in Mobile, Alabama.  It turns out there’s a jeep in the museum next to this old fighter.  If you have time, you might want to check out this unique opportunity to explore a battleship.



3 Comments on “USS Alabama Memorial Park Mobile, AL

  1. Paul

    While this M38 has the wrong windshield I’m rather curious why it’s identified as an M38 Willys CJ63A Jeep in the military collection list.

  2. Zack

    I was just there a few months ago, awesome place to visit. Only thing I was upset about was the condition of the military vehicles outside……Tanks and a few of the Aircraft, not including there new planes.
    The Battleship takes so long to explore, and they don’t let you see the main armory anymore…. 🙁
    The Submarine USS Drum was also cool to see, very tight quarters! :O

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