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Kelly Self Locking Hubs

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UPDATE:  Bill contributed a couple pics of the Kelly hubs on his jeep.





Buz’s hubs

Kelly Hubs 001 Kelly Hubs 002


6 Comments on “Kelly Self Locking Hubs

  1. Brett

    The wording makes you think that they are self engaging like it has some sort of mechanism that senses axle torque, but it looks like you still have to manually turn the hub. There is an asterisck next to the ‘Automatic Engaging’. If you read the note, it says in the “in” position, the hub automatically engages the axle.
    How is that any different than any other manual hub?

  2. Tom

    I have a set on my truck. They are spring loaded and when the axle turns they engage. Unfortunetly one of mine is worn and doesn’t engage properly. They really are simple and well built.

  3. Brian

    They look like they are taller and stick out more than typical locking hubs. I’d be concerned of catching them on objects, starting with my shins.

  4. Buz

    I have a set on my 1950 CJ3A, they work great, easy to lock, but I have to manually lock them to get the front axle to pull. I emailed some photos to Dave, maybe he’ll post them.

  5. steve mcdaniel

    I also have a set of Kelly hubs – are there any repair parts available ? i LIKE THE HUBS VERY MUCH BUYT HAVE A SMALL CRACK IN ONE PIECE THAT MAKE HAVE COME FROM too much trash in the body of the unit – i’d like very much to fix it, or buy a used set or single from someboby. If you have any info, or have one or two for sale, please e-mail me at or or call 919-368-4886.

  6. mmdeilers Post author


    I’ll put out the word tonight. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone had one or a set of them lying around.

    Here is a beautiful set for sale on eBay:

    If that doesn’t work for you, trying contacting these folks who likely have some vintage parts:
    Willys America:
    Florida 4 Wheel Drive:
    Peter Debella:

    – Dave

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