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Wood Radio Flyer ‘Jeep’

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This riding radio flyer with a jeep grille is pretty cool.  If only I had known about this when my kids were small.

“This is a well used vintage wood push car from Radio Flyer. The front looks like a jeep. There are some cracks in the wood as well as stains and fading. The steering and horn works and has a squeaker inside. The car measures 24″ long and 14” wide including the tires. This car is very well used and has some issues but still rolls and steers fine. The largest crack is on the left “drivers” side and measures 6″ long.”



12 Comments on “Wood Radio Flyer ‘Jeep’

  1. Mary Bayasud

    I was wondering what the value or price of this toy was?
    I just bought one just like the one photographed, and think it is terrific! I just wondering about the age and value.

  2. Candace

    I have the same one , but my nephews broke it I was wondering if I was able to buy parts to fix it. Does anyone know? I tried radio flyer directly but no response ??

  3. Dan B.

    FYI: I bought some parts for an old Radio Flyer (once my wife’s when she was a kid) that I fixed up for our kids. Their customer service is outstanding.

  4. Carrie

    Movers crushed the steering wheel on my son’s, anyone know where I can get another? Radio Flyer does not carry it.


  5. David Eilers

    Hi Carrie,

    Well that’s a shame! And, I haven’t seen any of these pop up for sale since I listed this one (four years ago!).

    – Dave

  6. carrie davis-boyer

    Thanks Dave. We got ours on eBay a few years ago…. brand new still in the box. 🙂 my little ones enjoy it so much. The oldest, 3yo, was heartbroken when the steering wheel was broke. I hope parts pop up at some point.


  7. Larena

    The steering broke on ours as well. Just wondering if anyone might have a broken (except for steering) that might want to sell for parts. I have checked multiple times with Radio Flyer CS and they do not have or make replacement parts for this.

  8. David Eilers

    Hi Larena,

    I’ve yet to run across any replacement parts for these. I’m afraid I’m not much help,

    – Dave

  9. Candace Limon-Flores

    Thank you guys. I am still on the look out for parts and haven’t heard back from radio flyer. My chin is up and I will not give up. Thank you for your help

  10. Carrie DAVIS-BOYER

    I was able to get a substitute steering wheel by using one from a Big Bobby car… find a used one as they are pricey. Although now my kids have outgrown their RF jeep…. 🙁

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