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1945 MB Franktown, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

” i am listing my 1945 willys mb. this is really a very straight mostly original ww2 army jeep. this is a june 1945 willys mb serial number 450667 as the last mb serial number was 459851. almost one of the last ones. what is missing– seats, and top bows, other small stuff. what is pretty rare- all of the ww2 gauges except temp, body handles, pintle hitch, tail lights, ww2 engine(gpw 5077) t84 transmission, gas tank, rifle rack mounts, 1st aid bracket, blackout light, cat eyes, rotary light switch, voltage regulator still on fender, original air cleaner, all data plates- shipping plate, and even the original willys frame tag! i have a clear colorado title in my name also. just alot of good ww2 items still on it, not bubbafied like 90% of them. this is one of the last ones with out firewall fuel filter-no holes drilled either. i have the spare gas holder for it, and 2 bolt spare tire carrier, and spare tire support. the engine is still full of oil, and radiator holding nice green anti freeze. the motor is stuck from sitting, as is transmission. transfer case goes in and out. previous owner said he was driving it 3 years ago, then left it sit, as he was repairing the tank, which i found a correct wide mouth tank for it. the front floors are probably the worst part, but really minor rust compared to most. rear floor is very nice, as is the body. i had a 6 volt battery, and the cat eyes came on on the rotary. what is nice is the front frame horns–not been welded on or cut up!! the jeep was ww2 od, then looks like it was a korean war darker green, then air force blue. then someone did the white, and black deal on it. this should really be a nice easy project, as its mostly all there, with a good rare early ford gpw block (good trading material) has the late war mb head still. carb is a later model.”



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