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1947 CJ-2A with extras Kasson, MN $4500


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $4500

(11/15/2012) Bob spotted this unusual farm jeep for sale.  I haven’t seen a front bumper quite like that one; Maybe it’s a different version of a service/garage front bumper?  It looks like it’s had a little body work on the side.  The lift is some kind of Ford/Farmall adaptation according to John. The CJ-2A page had a discussion about this from 2010:

“Decided to sell my 47 Willys. Bought it at an auction a couple years ago. I have done some work to it but it still needs more and just don’t have the time for it. It has a four cylinder ford motor in it. I put a rebuilt carb on it, but it still doesn’t idle very well. Starter is new, brake lines are new, Master cylinder is rebuilt but brakes are not working. Needs wheel cyliders most likely.
It has a factory PTO on it. It also has a 3 point hitch on it. Don’t know if is factory option or not but it is pretty cool!
There are a lot of other things mounted on it, not sure what some of them are for. My best guess is that it had a wing plow mounted on it a some point.
Was going to use it for food plots and other various tasks around the farm. I bought a tractor so I don’t really need it any more. Hopefully someone can give it the time and attention it deserves.
Can deliver for an extra charge. Thanks, Pete”



6 Comments on “1947 CJ-2A with extras Kasson, MN $4500

  1. STEVE

    Wow those are some serious modifications. They put a lock of work in making the protective grill look like the shape of the grill.

    I would guess the front grill would have been nice for pushing somethink witth the rubber there but the hitch sticking out negates that. Again the protective grill indicates they were worried about something spilling over.

  2. STEVE

    With that much mounted to the frame I might be concerned about frame damage. Cj3a had a heavier frame? maybe late 2a? Anyone remember when the frame change was made?

  3. deilers

    I’d be surprised if the front frame rails were patched in some manner from that weight. It really didn’t take much to bend that area.

    I don’t recall the shape nor strength of that area changing from the 2A to the 3A. I believe it wasn’t until the M-38A1 that the frame was better boxed, which made it stronger, though it wasn’t boxed in the front frame rail area.

  4. glennstin

    Look closely, This is not a true Lefty, the top bow holder is still there. Looks like 3 Point Hitch was made from a 8N Ford tractor. It’s certainly not a Monroe setup. I can’t seem to venture a guess what that right rear setup might be. Kinda looks wood splitterish, but then it doesn’t.

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