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Ooops … updates didn’t appear

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I had updates scheduled to go out early on Monday morning, but they didn’t appear (related to changes I made to reduce resource use on my current server … grrrr).  So, I’ve just pushed them out manually tonight.

Meanwhile, tonight my internet is down.  So, I spent time researching and then playing around with the cover to my new book.  Everything on the cover could change — title, subtitle, arrangement, my pseudonym, colors  — I’m just working it through. Mom’s read the first draft and really enjoyed it. But, hey, it’s my mom. For fun here’s the book front cover draft, and I emphasize draft. Still lots of work left before its ready.



8 Comments on “Ooops … updates didn’t appear

  1. mom

    I read the book and can say that it will be a wonderful and intriguing novel. I read it unfinished and am now anxiously waiting for the ending–talk about being kept up in the air. In answer to the last question, yes the Nazis swiped the amber panels never to be found until William “Billy” Bantum unravels the mystery…….or did he? I dont know.

  2. frankthecrank58

    an addendum to my earlier post. you could add b.r.c. at the end of your name. b= biographer, r= researcher/recorder, and c= commentator. the things i think about when i’m driving…..frightening.

  3. Mark (Radar)

    Isn’t Willy Bantam redundant ? Teasin…Go with that. seems appropriate. Looks good man. Maybe go w green instead of yellow and perhaps start out with Black and white but transition to a color photo at the bottom. That Building is gourgous and that shrubury should be beautiful.

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