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Vintage Armed Forces Action Set w/ Jeeps on eBay

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I can’t tell how large/small the vehicles are.

“You are bidding on a vintage U.S. Armed Forces Battle Front Giant Set. This set is in the original box. All the items in the set are plastic and are in very good condition. I am noting items that are broken or things that I see, but I am not an expert on these toys. So, please take a close look at the pictures that I have posted. Manufactured by Multiple Products Corporation, New York, NY. Made in the USA. The set includes tank, weasel, exploding bridge, missile carrier, shooting cannon, personnel carrier, 2 jeeps, one with a canapy, army truck, 3 tents (one says U.S. Army N.Q. 351st Infantry), 5 pieces of barbed wire fences, 5 drivers (blue men that are sitting), 30 soldiers, and accessories.

The bridge does not explode. There is a spring on the bottom, and what appears to be a broken part in the box, so it does not work. There is a white missile with a red base (not pictured), but I don’t know what vehicle it goes with, or even if it goes with the set. It is possible that there is a part missing from one of the vehicles that holds this missile. The cannon has the spring, and it pulls back to shoot something, but I don’t know what. The canapy on the army truck does not appear to sit properly and stay on. One of the tents is missing 2 legs. It is possible that there were more than 5 pieces of barbed wire fence. Accessories: There are 6 rifles, some of the soldiers have helmets which can be removed and put on other soldiers. There are a few belts and bullet proof vests, but there were probably more accessories in the original set. The items are clean except for some dust on some of the vehicles. The vehicles appear to have all their wheels and they do not look broken.”

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