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1971 2WD DJ-6? San Diego State University, CA $4000

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This may be a rare DJ-6, though it’s had some work done to it.

“I’ve had this jeep for a few years and am moving back to the beach to a place without a garage to work on it. It’s a little rough around the edges but i drive it all over. It has very little rus for a a California jeep, the corners where the feet are and the front fenders are all that have rusted through spots. It is a factory 2 wheel drive but I have almost everything to make it a 4×4, has a Buick 231 v6 which a prior owner put in to replace the original 225 v6. I put on a new holly carb, 4″ lift, 33″ bgf km2s, all new steering joints, shocks, all new accessories, edelbrock intake, headers, glaspacks, had the turbo 350 auto transmission rebuilt, cv driveshaft, 8 point roll cage, fuel tank, fuel pump. It starts right up and drives reliably every time. On the down side, it could use a new motor, it has a little low compression on one cylinder and burns oil, the wiring is all funky but it works, the brakes start to fade with lots of use and the steering is loose. Some of this is due to 4 wheel drum brakes and an old, crazy way jeep did their steering back then. I’ll throw in a set of 3/4 ton gm axles (corporate 14 bolt, 10 bolt without brakes), extra driveshafts, 5 complete 12 bolt, 8 lug, 37″ HUMVEE wheels with good tires and 2 extra rims. I also have an extra transfer case if you want to run a left differential axle. I also have a tow bar and lights I’ll throw in if you want to tow it. With a little time and knowledge this will be a truly and awesome jeep. As it is I can’t go anywhere without people stopping me. As you can see I’ve got way more in to this than I’m asking. $4k is an awesome price for this project so I’m firm on the price. The only trades I will consider are for a 450+ street legal super moto, a beat up but rideable full size harley, or possible a 71 model chevy truck or blazer. This is a very rare jeep and finding a project like this that you can actually drive home in is even rarer.”



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