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Craig’s Pic of the Week: Winter Time

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This pic seemed appropriate given dark and snowy weather around me. Craig says this was in the June 1957 issue of Willys News.

V plow Pickup


5 Comments on “Craig’s Pic of the Week: Winter Time

  1. Steve E.

    Great Action Shot! So, that’s what plowing snow looks like. I drove my Jeepster topless today in this 70 deg. heatwave. California is no fun. I’d rather be playing in the snow like I did two weeks ago. Come on, Winter. Get with it; we need some snow.

    **Steve E.**

  2. Bill

    25 degrees here today. Thankfully, no snow! Great pic find, Craig!

    Supposed to be 19 on Wed when I have to take a topless CJ-5 over to the shop…. that might be chilly!


  3. tom in philly

    back in the mid 70’s when it snowed, the roads were empty except for a few 4×4 pick up trucks and the willys on the road. when we did get snow in philadelphia, it was often light. but when it gets heavy, the willys are too small to puch much snow,

  4. radar

    Rt now ,22 degrees and waiting for snow due in any min. later in the week its gona tank (temp) and go in to single digits and below but hey it’s Maine and its January ! Gota love New England, never a dull weather minuete.Any way, that caption indicates its Sweden and it plows highways but that looks an awfull lot like that jeep is plowing a frozen body of water.

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