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A Dana 20 PTO?

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Brian asked if I recognized this. I didn’t. After a few strokes of the keyboard, I discovered it might be a Ramsey PTO for a Dana 20 ( Is it a Ramsey or something else?





10 Comments on “A Dana 20 PTO?

  1. Bob

    My guess is a ramsey. PTOs for the Dana 20 are rare, but not unheard of. Makes sense to just find the front output ones for the winches.

  2. Brian Parmeter

    Thanks Bob, if you look closely at the shift mechanism, it is different than the ramsey. Also the body of the case is not as elongated as the Ramsey. The only numbers that I found on this were 67J-1, not close to any of the Ramsey PTO numbers.

  3. Brian Parmeter

    I looked under images for not only jeep dana 20 pto, but also bronco and IH. I cannot find one image that matches. I spent quite a bit of time looking before asking here.

  4. Rustowner

    Brian, I believe Bob is correct. It does look like a Braden/Tulsa product. I have never seen one for the 20 transfer case, but they were out there in limited numbers. I have several of the Ramsey 20 PTOs and this isn’t one. The style and bend in the main case, coupled with the beefy shifter mounts as well as the bolt capped end plates are indicative of Braden products. They tended to market to the “bigger” stuff, but did make PTO’s and winches for the lighter lines ( Jeep, IH, Ford, etc). I think Ramsey & Koenig had corner hold in that market, so they were never popular or far flung. I MAY (?) have some old Tulsa lit around here…..If I find anything I’ll post it on here. Perhaps some stamped or casting numbers on the monting flange or the inside of the case? Hope this helps. Rust E

  5. Bob

    Looking at the plate where the shift pivot is hooked to makes me think the plate is home made. Just does not look like the rest of it. Of course it could be made after the original, it just looks out of place.

  6. Brian Parmeter

    Well fellas, im going to pull it off today. Going to see if this baby is rebuild-able. A few years back I bought a NOS koenig king model 51 pto and koenig winch. I mounted the pto on my MB, but never could force myself to mount the winch. If this is a rebuild-able unit, I think im going to use it on my retro-wheeler project, along with the koenig model 100 winch. Now I guess I sell the koenig 51, or buy another winch. Thinking ill just sell it once I get it off.

  7. Marty Tilford

    You might call my dad, Herm (aka Herm the overdrive guy) and talk to him about it. He might be able to help you with it. He has quite a few PTOs he has rebuilt. Not sure if he has done one like this but its worth asking.

  8. Brian Parmeter

    Thanks Marty, your dad helped me find the parts to rebuild another pto, that I had, and he was the second person that I called, when trying to ID this PTO. He said it looked like a Ramsey.

  9. William

    it is a Koenig model 67L gear drive pto adapter for driving front mounted accessories on the dana20. I have one and need to know if it will work on a dana18, anybody know?

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