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1948 Photo of Jeep Display in Florida

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UPDATE: Mark pointed out that the wagon at the far right of the photo looks like a shorty. After several agreements, I did some research and found the ad below.  The ‘wagon’ on the right is actually a ‘Station Sedan’ model while the one on the left is the ‘Station Wagon’ model.  The Station Sedan had the added benefit of being “more maneuverable and easier to park”.  The ad doesn’t make it look short, but the picture below sure does.  I have confirmed the wheelbases were the same (see comments).

The  State Archives of Florida at Florida Memory, has this great photo created by Spottswood Studio of the Family of Jeeps.


Here’s a 1949 brochure that discusses the differences between a Station Sedan and a Station Wagon.  Note how the styling on the right matches the styling on the ‘Sedan’ in the top of the ad. I found this for sale at the Jumping Frog site.



8 Comments on “1948 Photo of Jeep Display in Florida

  1. mark

    I can’t tell if the wagon in the bottom right is some kind of “shorty” or if the picture is skewed. Love the history though. Thanks.

  2. deilers

    Mark, I’m glad you mentioned that. When I first looked at it, I thought it was odd. Then I forgot to give it another look. I think it looks like a short wagon, too, based on my second look. I will see if I can find some related photos.

    – Dave

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    I’ve added a magazine ad under the picture for reference. The ‘wagon’ on the right is actually a “Station Sedan”. The vehicle on the left is obviously a “Station Wagon”. Though they appear the same or similar size in the advertisement, the text of the advertisement suggests the Station Sedan is primarily a 6 person vehicle, while the Station Wagon carries six people and your stuff, too. Just guessing, I’d say they phased out the shorter wagon for the longer one. Maybe some of these shortened wagons we’ve seen weren’t shortened at all? They were just early Station Sedans??

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Dan, I considered that possibility, but none of the other vehicles look so unusual. I wish I had that scene from another angle, but I couldn’t find another more pictures of that event.

  5. John

    My bet is on wide angle lens distortion.
    Note how the hood of that Station Sedan is forshortened as well.
    What’s most interesting to me is that those early Wagons had Jeepster grilles. This is the first I’ve seen that.

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