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“Phantom Automobiles” Fort Devens, MA, Postcard

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These looks mostly like Ford GPs, but the base of the windshield looks a little low.

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2 Comments on ““Phantom Automobiles” Fort Devens, MA, Postcard

  1. Mark S.

    Dave, I realize this is an old post. All of the recent prototype posts and stories has got me checking out the prototype section. I think this is actually the Ford “Pygmy depicted ( thus the low windshield). The post card appears to be an illustration, rather than a photo and this is the same jeep placed numerous times in it (note the angle of the tires). Good work, especially before photo shop was around. I can’t clearly make out the date of the postmark, maybe 1943 or 1946? This is also the first time I have heard the term “Phantom Automobiles”. I also like the free on the postage, I assume this was for all servicemen. Thanks for keeping post sections organized.

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