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1963 J-300 Gladiator Dually (Rare One-off) Georgetown, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Looking for something else, I ran across this 1963 J-300 dually with an unusual tale.

“This is a special ordered truck, the only Jeep J300 truck ever configured this way. I purchased this truck with 43,000 miles on it from the original owner, a timber faller, who worked up until he died at 87 years old. The original owner approached his local Jeep dealership requesting a one ton dually Thriftside and was told Jeep didn’t build one. When he told them if Jeep didn’t build one for him he would buy a Ford instead the dealership obtained one for him that had the rear fenders widened to fit the dual tires and a wider rear bumper was fabricated. This truck has OEM power steering, a four speed tranny, 230 CI Tornado motor, 2 bbl carb and an alternator was added. An 8000 pound Ramsey PTO winch is included  This truck is registered in the Texas Full size Jeep Association Dually registry check it out here    I reserve the right to end auction early as this vehicle is for sale locally.”

j300-gladiator-dually-rare-georgetown-ca2 j300-gladiator-dually-rare-georgetown-ca


10 Comments on “1963 J-300 Gladiator Dually (Rare One-off) Georgetown, CA **SOLD**

  1. glennstin

    Yes, Dually CJ5 with Budd Wheels and Dana Housings were used on Go-For Digger Backhoes and Trenchers in this same time period. I have one. On the CJ5 application they didn’t use Budd Wheels on front. Most of the parts to build this were right off the shelf, but getting it approved must have taken some strong inside The Overland pull. We’ve seen many FC 170 Dual Rear Wheel trucks which were a regular production option in these years, including front Budd Wheels. It seems like the special rear metal work was mostly the problem. Notice that rear end picture showing the snatch block under the rear bumper. Pretty handy in the logging business. Never see that before.

  2. Steve E.

    This J-300 was advertised for $1,700 on CL. It didn’t sell. Then it sold for $7,250.00 on E-bay. It’s interesting what it takes to find the right buyer.

    **Steve E.**

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Very interesting Steve. I watched a truck sell for $10,000 on Craigslist. Two weeks later the buyer sold it on eBay for $16,000.

    – Dave

  4. mud89

    Gladiators dually were only available from the factory as “cab & chassis”, platform/flatbed model, or stake model. No thriftsides/stepsides duallies , that’s why this one is rare. The “cab and chassis” rigs were often transformed in wreckers. Duallies were available with both short (120”, models J200 or J2000) and long (126”, models J300 or J3000) wheelbases. Dana44 front and Dana70 rear axle for a 8600lbs GVW. They got a 4 speed manual transmission, no automatic for the duallies.

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