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CJ-2A Spraying in Hillsborough, FL, Circa 1950

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I wish the picture was more of a closeup. This picture comes from Florida Memory.

“Hillsborough County Health Dept. Mosquito Control project fogging for pests. Early mosquito control spraying consisted of making a “thermal fog,” in which hot diesel oil was mixed with a DDT solution and then vaporized.”



4 Comments on “CJ-2A Spraying in Hillsborough, FL, Circa 1950

  1. adam

    I’m sure you wont be talking to the guy driving in that picture, as I’m sure he died from spraying vaporized DDT not long after it was taken.

  2. David Fortenberry

    Yea I remember this , I and all the other kids used to run behind the sprayers and hide in the smoke, nothing like good ole DDT.

  3. Robin S

    I remember this as well. Like David, we used to follow the fogger on our bikes for hours. Vaporized diesel + DDT; never bothered us. Of course, trying to find gloves with six fingers is a little difficult. 🙂

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