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New Desert Dog Tires? West Virginia


These look more like Mini Terror tires rather than Desert Dogs. Still, finding brand new, rather than retreads, is unusual.

“new desert dog tires 92.00 free mounting call 1-304-387-2869”



21 Comments on “New Desert Dog Tires? West Virginia

  1. Marty tilford

    I called on these and they are new recap desert dogs. The guy has the mold and will make as many as people want. He said he will ship them also for around $12.00 a tire depending on where too. That seems like a pretty good price. When I get some extra money I think I might have to order some for my jeep to just drive around on and look old school 🙂

  2. Marty tilford

    I think they are just any 31 inch tire with the desert dog recap. I’m not quite sure I didn’t ask him what casing he uses.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Thanks .. I’ll give him a call on Monday and get some details. I would like to get a set, too.

  4. Marty tilford

    If you do decide to get some call my dad and he should be able to get you a really good price on shipping. Maybe better that $12.00 each. His shipping rates are very competitive.

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    Desert dogs are a great all around offroad tire. On roads, they are noisy and don’t last more than 10,000 miles. They are very popular for racing in the NW. But, they’ve become very difficult to find.

    Note, the tread pictured above isn’t the desert dog tread, but rather the mini terror tread. Those are a little quieter and worked well for me on and offroad.

    I plan to call the seller on Monday and talk with them.

  6. Joe Friday

    The picture puzzled me a bit. He has Goodyear Wrangler AT and Goodyear Eagle GT tires in the background that look almost new. Those GT’s haven’t been made since about 1988.

  7. Marty tilford

    When I talked to him he said they have recaps in other tire treads also. And he doesn’t have a website 🙁

  8. mmdeilers Post author

    I called about the tires. The man I spoke to on the phone called the tires V-TREADS, but he said people in the area called them by other names including Desert Dogs. They only sell one size of the V-Tread: 235-75-15. According to him they didn’t sell any other style of tire. I tried to explain the style they were selling wasn’t a Desert Dog; instead, it was more like Mini-Terrors. He didn’t care.

    The tires ship locally for $12 a tire; he had no idea what the shipping costs outside his area might be.

    Despite explaining why I was calling (ran website and vintage jeep owners were interested in them) he was in a hurry to get me off the phone, so his answers were brief (I heard him apologize to a customer as he was hanging up the phone). Perhaps the timing was off and he was just busy.

    I did a search of the telephone number (304-387-2869). The company selling the tire is called TIRE COUNTRY. They are located at 2517 Race Track Rd, New Cumberland, WV 26047, which is the northwest corner of West Virginia. It’s about a half hour from Lisbon, OH, and an hour from Butler, PA, so Ann and I might stop by and check out the tires during our east Coast trip.,0,7668066654152438454&ei=y50eUc_sJ9DciQKy6oG4Dg&ved=0CJMBEPwSMAM

  9. Jake

    my buddy bought a couple of these tires for ice racing and they work pretty good they are good recaps the sidewalls on my buddys tires are firestone destinations so you know they are recapped, once i get a little extra money this spring/summer im going to get a set or two.

  10. Gordon Rhodes

    My father always ran Foumula Desert Dogs when I was little in the 80s, me and him was talking about them and came across this page – anyhow long story short we live in WV and have seen these desert dog looking recaps pretty regularly here but dad said the outer lugs and the V’s isn’t the same and they look directional where as original dogs had the V’s in the opposite direction on the other side ,

  11. David Eilers


    I plan to drive to the company who is making these in May after the Spring Willys Reunion to check them out for myself. But, yes, your father appears correct. The tires that are appearing in WV are not desert dogs, but a unidirectional tire that has been labeled over the years under different names. I have a tag specifically for desert-dogs. You can see all the posts related to desert dogs here:

  12. Tim

    Near New Cumberland? That’s the area my cousin introduced me to Jeeps guns and fishing too).
    Yellow 68? CJ5 running the hills and old mines…good times, good times. Might be worth a trip back to visit and check these tires.

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