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1959 DJ-6A Photograph on eBay

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This is an original photograph of the 2WD DJ-6A.  It begs the question, whatever happened to it?

” This is an “ORIGINAL PERIOD GLOSSY PHOTO” of WILLYS MOTORS LEFT SIDE VIEW OF DJ-6A JEEP DESIGN TRYOUT VEHICLE NO. 475 WITH TAIL GATE BUT NO TOP, photo date – 1959. The condition is very good and measures 8″ x 10″. (SORRY BUT ANY PINKISH HAZE REFLECTION THAT YOU SEE IN MY PHOTOS ARE FROM THE TRANSPARENCY WITH MY LOGO ON IT AND “NOT IN THE PHOTO”. I will be listing more military photos in the weeks to come of tanks, trucks, jeeps,etc. if you are interested.”

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3 Comments on “1959 DJ-6A Photograph on eBay

  1. Colin

    Looks like they used the back half of the DJ3A delivery body(door openings cut at 45 degree angle down to the floor) attached to a lengthened frame with squared off doors. Willys was always experimenting with something. Cool Jeep, maybe will give some ideas to guys with a delivery body and needing some extra room!

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