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Craig’s Pic of the Week: Low-Cost Dealer Signs

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Craig found this article in the August 1956 issue of Jeep News.  A pair of signs only cost $7.00 at the time.

1956 August issue Road Sign


7 Comments on “Craig’s Pic of the Week: Low-Cost Dealer Signs

  1. DJ Bill

    No fooling, Bob. I just can’t justify the expense of original signs.. They go for CRAZY dollars. I guess I don’t quite get the disposable income that the buyers of these signs seem to have.

    In any case I still love looking at them. They are so much better than today’s vinyl on plastic signs that won’t even be around 50 years from now. (Hmm. maybe I need to make a bunch of signs and stash them away for my future??)

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Collectors are paying big money for these signs now, and they’re getting ripped off by not even having the original wrought iron hangers included!
    Dave, have you ever seen any of these “sample signs” mentioned in this article?

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