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Never Used Whitco CJ-3A SoftTop Hill City, SD **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was listed at $600. **SOLD**

Looking for a vintage soft top for your CJ-3A? This might be what you need.

“This is an original Whitco Jeep part. We took it out of the box to install on our ’46 Willy and discovered the top is for a a CJ 3. This is brand new and had never been out of the box. There is some box damage to which there is a minor hole in a back corner of the material. All parts are there, instructions included. This is a 1203-A Convertable Full Top for a CJ-3A.

The following is a link to the original brochure:



13 Comments on “Never Used Whitco CJ-3A SoftTop Hill City, SD **SOLD**

  1. Buz

    The link to the brochure brings up a blank page for me. Is there any other way to see what this top looks like and an alternative way to contact the seller?

  2. dean

    I would be interested in this top. Are you willing to ship? Also, does the top include the hardware as well as the door?
    thx, dean

  3. DC

    Considering the price on this (almost new price of a Best Top) there is damage, and that this might also be brittle from age, are these a lot better than what you can buy now? What’s the draw at this price?

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    The draw is that it is a vintage style. Some of the older tops were better made, but I don’t know the quality of the Whitco Tops.

  5. Buz

    I was looking for a CJ3A top that fits over the original top bows. My Jeep had one to begin with but being vinyl it dried out and broke into a million pieces. I wish I knew who had made it, probably dated fron the 1960’s.

  6. mmdeilers Post author

    Do you have any pictures of it Buz? I have a variety of different soft top brochures from different companies.

  7. Dennis

    Whitco was the OEM supplier of tops to Jeep startng I think in the mid 60’s until 1989-90 when they went bankrupt and lost the top business to Bestop. The early tops like that one where made out of the heavier cotton backed vinyls. If the top was stored in the box vertical like it shown in the picture an in a cool dry place with the windows papered it should have survived fairly well. There should be a date code in the lower righthand corner of the rear window (Month/Day/Year)when it was manufactured. I have a bunch of bags and things I made out of jeep top materials 20 plus years ago that are still like new.

  8. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Bill, it looks like this has been sold. I’ll update the post.

    – Dave

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