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Wyandotte Tin Jeep and Trailer on eBay

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This may be a rare toy. I didn’t find any references to it on the CJ-3B Page or anywhere else.  Wyandotte was a brand name used by the All Metal Products company out of Wyandotte, Michigan.

“This vintage tin toy jeep and trailer is made of heavy sheet steel and resembles a real WW II jeep. The windshield will fold down flat and the hood raises. It has a spare tire. There is a small hole on the right rear side that you could bolt the spare on. It is marked Willys on the front bumper and the windshield frame. Each tire is marked WYANDOTTE TOYS MADE IN U.S.A. This is a good sized toy. The jeep is 11″ long, 5″ wide, and 5 5/8″ high with the windshield up. The trailer is 10 1/2″ long, 4 1/2″ wide and 3 3/4″ high. The wheels all turn and are made of rubber. The tailgate on the trailer opens and closes.

It has some spotty surface rust but is still solid. The hitch is missing from under the jeep. I would have made one for it but have not found a picture of one. It should be about 1 1/2″ long with a hole in it and attaches with a single bolt.”

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3 Comments on “Wyandotte Tin Jeep and Trailer on eBay

  1. Bob

    This is actually a Marx Jeep. Wyandotte was bought out by Marx at some point and for some reason they used the wyandotte tires on the marx jeeps. It might be worth $40-50. The trailer is missing the fenders.

  2. Bob

    They’re pretty common but you have to look closely at them. This is a pretty late version of the marx

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