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1959 Photo of a Proud Hunter with his Elk on eBay

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Perhaps the elk head held down the hood, because if you look at the fender you’ll see the hood clamp is missing.

“You are bidding on lot # 59079 Original 1959 Press Photo 2×2 Negative Hunter Vtg Jeep 12 PT Elk Head
This is an original press photo negative from Southeast Kansas. I have copied all the info from the original negative sleeve onto the sleeve that this will be mailed in. The auction description and title may include info from the sleeve, the negative itself and additional info I have researched (such as car make/model, etc.) The date is the date of the negative, NOT necessarily the date of a car pictured.”

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One comment on “1959 Photo of a Proud Hunter with his Elk on eBay

  1. Bob OB

    Very common back in the day for guys to mount 12v headlight buckets to replace the 6v. military’s….

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