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Hanson Mechanical Saves a Jeep

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Merlin and his crew at Hanson Mechanical restored this victim of an accident. Read and see pictures about the jeep’s rebuild here.



5 Comments on “Hanson Mechanical Saves a Jeep

  1. Joe

    I REALLY like this restoration… saving a WWII vet’s jeep is such an honor. I wish you guys were in Arizona (for consultation/help). Although I do get to Aberdeen Proving Grounds every other month or so. Have any events coming up?

  2. stephen

    WOW, Joe is lucky to be ALIVE! There are not too many wardogs left from that great war. They are and were a special lot. It is absolutely great to see this jeep helped out by these two even greater fellows. Joe, you be careful now. You made it through the war, you made it through this, you are the MAN.

  3. merlin

    An update, sadly Joe passed away last month at the age of 93. He fought cancer for 7 years and his family created little old man heaven for him at their place in Maryland including a game room filled with his trophies, war bring backs and more. His grandson is taking on ownership of his Jeep which makes me very happy. I have a blogpost about him and his Jeep here:
    I was honored to be his friend and mechanic.

    In answer to Joe I am about 45 minutes from Aberdeen in Westminster MD. When in Maryland feel free to visit. You can contact me through the email on my website.
    all the best,

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