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Year? DJ-3A/MB? Lizella, GA $2500


The body looks like a DJ-3A. The rear axle hubs suggest this could be a mb/gpw frame and running gear.

“40s model willys jeep good shape needs brake work and carb rebuild kit runs but carb leaks gas at gaskets will crank lights work 4wd works great asking 2500 Obo call or text 4782976217”

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3 Comments on “Year? DJ-3A/MB? Lizella, GA $2500

  1. DJ Bill

    The engine appears to have the DJ oil filler and carb, and it seems to still have the rear gas tank setup. I would bet it is a DJ converted to 4WD with the addition of a set of early CJ axles and transfer case. It is pretty much a bolt on need to swap tubs to a different chassis. I think I see the original data tag on the firewall, and it would be interesting to know the numbers. Seats look a little narrow for me.
    My Surrey has the same fine engineering in its rear bumper mount.

  2. Colin Peabody

    Bill is right, it probably has all the DJ3A stuff, with a 4WD set of axles under it. The firewall tag is there and yeah, it would be good to know the serial number. I suspect it is a later model, since the speedo goes to 9 rather than 8. It also has the low CJ3B style windshield, no tailgate which makes us think it was a base model DJ3A.

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