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Gas Mileage Question

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Gordon was curious what various gas mileage people go with their jeeps. Mostly, he wants to compare stock Jeeps to conversions. I used to get about 14 mph with my old fiberglass flattie with a buick v6 225, a four barrel carb and 3:73 gears.

Here are a few threads about gas mileage among stock jeeps:



10 Comments on “Gas Mileage Question

  1. gordon west

    When my daily driver was a ’47 CJ2A I recall getting around 12 mpg when I first bought it. I soon transplanted a 200cid Ford straight six and a Warn overdrive, still with 5.38 gears and Armstrong radial tires. It was in the 1970’s and I was a total geek about tracking mileage – it got an average of 21-22 mpg with 25.2 being the record. It cruised on the highway easily at 60 and I once got it up to 70.

    I am planning to make a FC-170 into a daily driver and I wondered what a stock one of those gets for gas mileage?

  2. Doug

    My GPW with Willys L head engine,T-90 stock gears and stock 16″ 2a tires and rims used to get 15 mpg just driving around.Most of my trips were never farther than 50 miles round trip on rural roads at speeds that were showing 55-60 mph tops.I had to keep track of mileage(6 gallon outboard motor tank under seat)although I did have a working odometer.I was a teenager then,as I now take the first steps to getting my Jeep put back together,my end product will be a better one!

  3. Mike

    My CJ5, an F134 and 4.27 gears used to get around 19 mpg. It had very low compression and burned a lot of oil, so it was recently overhauled. I also added overdrive, so that should help out too. I haven’t kept track since the rebuild, but it should be even better now.

  4. Desert Jim

    My 59 CJ-5 has stock gears and a warn overdrive. Has a 66 Ford 289 under the hood. I get 21 mpg on the road. mid teens off road.

  5. Bill

    My L-heads and F-heads all seem to do 14/15mpg in normal driving….. I fill them up on the even 100’s on the odometer and it’s always about 7 gallons to fill back up. You can go easy 10-20% farther with the windshield down.


  6. mike

    My 67 cj-5a t.p. with a 225 stock motor and 488 gears would get 23 highway and 18 city, this also has a warn o. d.

  7. STEVE

    stock cj2a. avg right at 12. after od installed I think I am close to 14. Depends a lot on how you drive it.

  8. Paul

    Geeze, now I have to make some stainless steel sun glasses to prevent those pesky dark circles under my eyes. It’s always something but I bet this snazzy addition will improve my fuel mileage. Back to you Dave!

  9. gordon west

    Here’s a reply I got from Craig at The FC Connection:

    “I’ve seen old news articles where guy’s claim 20 mpg in a FC-150 but I’d be happy with low teens. I’ve heard others talk around 14-15 mpg in FC-170’s. Low gears and underpowered engines don’t get too good of mileage.

    Craig Brockhaus

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