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1943 Jeeps & Jests Bruce Bairnsfather on eBay

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UPDATE: **WARNING** There are only two jeeps pictured in the book!!! Buyer beware.

“This auction is for a 1943 book filled with cartoons about WWII. It is titled “Jeeps and Jests” by Bruce Bairnsfather. The book has cartoons on every page– about 60 pages in all. The condition of the book is good. The binding is solid and there are no rips. The main flaw is that there are some faint spots on the covers and scattered in the book.”

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jeeps-jests-bruce-bairnsfather2 jeeps-jests-bruce-bairnsfather3


5 Comments on “1943 Jeeps & Jests Bruce Bairnsfather on eBay

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Congrats! I’d love to get more pics.

    I thought about snagging it, but with our upcoming trip, I need to manage the budget carefully. 🙂

  2. Eric

    Ok, so I got it…. I am dissappointed… you’d think for a book with “Jeeps” in the title, there’d be a good amount of Jeep items….. nope… there’s 2 pages, one image each…

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Wow, I”m really surprised by that! That happened to me with a Coloring book. It showed a jeep on the front, but there was only one jeep in the entire book!

    I will add a warning to this book.

    – Dave

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