5 Comments on “SAS in World War II Book

  1. Mark "Goose"

    I may order this, always wanted to know more about the SAS. One “jeep” related question I have is; why do pictures always show they cut all but two grill supports from the front of their jeeps?

  2. deilers Post author

    I believe that then kept the remaining ‘tines’ for support. But, I couldn’t swear to it. Hopefully the book can answer the question? If I run across the answer, I’ll add a comment.

  3. STEVE

    My assumption was always a little less weight and slightly better air flow for cooling. Every little bit helped…………………….

  4. SMc

    It was being offered for ten bucks. Looks like it can still be had from other sellers for that w/ shipping. Lots of pics and stories. Great deal for a hardcover w/ this much info.

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