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“The Kitchen of the Undesired Animal”

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Nicolle from Amsterdam facebooked me this morning. He wanted to share his jeeps, which both have tiny kitchens in the rear. Based on the food I saw on his Facebook Page, he doesn’t need a large kitchen to create great looking food. When I asked him to interpret the sign on his jeep, he said it translated as “The Kitchen of the Undesired Animal”.

nicolle-schatborn-kitchen-of-undesired-animal7 nicolle-schatborn-kitchen-of-undesired-animal2 nicolle-schatborn-kitchen-of-undesired-animal6 nicolle-schatborn-kitchen-of-undesired-animal5

nicolle-schatborn-kitchen-of-undesired-animal4 nicolle-schatborn-kitchen-of-undesired-animal3 nicolle-schatborn-kitchen-of-undesired-animal1


One comment on ““The Kitchen of the Undesired Animal”

  1. Roberto Flores

    It´s fantastic! The CJ3B is a Spanish made Ebro “Bravo” jeep!!!! It still carries the “Bravo” logos at both sides of the hood. Also, notice the parking lights at the grill (moved to the exterior in difference with the US made CJ3B) and the yellow collor of the bodytub.

    I suppose this was exported to Italy, as other Spanish units but it´s amazing it has arrived at Holland. Wow!

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