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2013 Moab Easter Safari T-shirt

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You don’t see a DJ-3A (albeit modified) show up on a t-shirt too often!  I spotted this shirt in several Moab t-shirt shops.



6 Comments on “2013 Moab Easter Safari T-shirt

  1. Christian

    Yeah, it’s my Jeep. I didn’t license anything. Not sure who is making them. It’s a ’53 DJ-3A and it’s on 35-inch Krawlers.

  2. mmdeilers Post author


    Whoever was creating and distributing them had them for sale in multiple stores.

    Given your jeep is very closely associated with JP Magazine and been published numerous times, the fact they are using that image without your permission to sell products for profit is pretty sketchy based on my cursory search. Here’s a reasonable summary.

    I can track down one of the stores if you are interested. Probably not worth the time or effort or money for you to pursue it, but it definitely bugs me that they didn’t talk to you about it.

    – Dave

  3. Christian

    I actually did buy one! I have the older one from last year. The one shown in the photo is a new design they came out with this year. As long as they didn’t pirate one of my photos (which I don’t think they did) it’s okay with me. I suspect they snapped a photo of it sitting on Hell’s Revenge or some other trail while I was having lunch with one of my sons and my Jeep was just parked there. As long as they don’t put some negative slogan under it or start supporting some anti-off-roading charity with the proceeds I’m cool.

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