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Ivan’s Auto Recycling ‘Sign’

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South of Moab a few miles this jeep has become a permanent fixture, hovering above Ivan’s Auto Recycling Sign. I’ve seen pictures of it, but hadn’t done a closeup inspection.  It turns out to be a CJ-2A with three data plates (though the plates themselves are gone). It might also have had indents, but the driver’s side is so hammered, I can’t positive tell if it did or didn’t.








This was my wife’s idea . . .



5 Comments on “Ivan’s Auto Recycling ‘Sign’

  1. Randy Qualls

    Thats cool, I bet they have had alot of offers over the years for that old jeep ! That may be a natonal monument one day. 😉

  2. Buz

    I’ve always heard that the solid disc wheels have a tendency to crack, anybody else heard that?

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